Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 4-9 Obp Pedal Box V.2

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Kit Contents: 3 Pedal Mitsubishi Evo Hydraulic Clutch Pedal Box with Bias Bar, 3x Master Cylinders, 3x Reservoirs, Reservoir Bracket & Cable Adjuster.

You will receive the NEW V.2 version of this pedal box that will have full Aluminium Billet pedals.
Our light weight range dual brake master cylinder bias controlled pedal boxes have been designed to offer the driver the highest level of efficiency in this critical area.
The ergonomic fabricated pedals, together with low friction and high quality oil impregnated spherical bearings set new standards in pedal box design.

This unique 5.05:1 to 5.45:1 pedal ratio floor mounted cockpit fit hi-efficiency pedal system design allows an incredibly easy installation.
This system needs no cutting of holes, or modification of any type.
The pedal box fits to the floor pan and is designed pacifically for the MISTUBISHI EVO floor pan configuration.
The cylinders are mounted under the drivers feet for optimum space utilisation and access.

This is the only floor mounted 5.05:1 to 5.45:1 pedal ratio pedal box on the market that is designed specifically for the this type of car.
This system is perfect for Rally cars, Time Attacks, Track Days or Fast Road cars.

Special Features Pro-Race V2 Pedal Boxes:

Aircraft Grade Aluminium Billet Pedals
Adjustable Brake Pedal Ratio
Adjustable Up, Down and side to Side Pedal Pads
Responsive Accelerator Spring Return
Adjustable Accelerator Stop
Adjustable Clutch Overthrow Stop
Strengthened and Rigid Box
Fully Adjustable Brake Bias / Balance System
DBW Electronic Accelerator Upgrade
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