Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 4-9 Motor Revision Indigo Gt

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This is a complete engine rebuild kit for an Evo 4-9, come with all you need to rebuild to a forged engine.

Parts include:
Wiseco pistons
Bridgeway h-beam rods
Mitsubishi Oil pump
ACL race series bearing kit
ARP Head studs
ARP Main studs
Evo 8 MR Full engine gasket kit with headgasket
Balance shaft removal kit
Timing belt kit with pulleys
The pistons are available in a choice of sizes and we can also offer this in long rod configuration.
This is capable of 600bhp, by change to the Oliver Rods and Wiseco 1400HD pistons this kit becomes capable of over 800bhp.
CP Pistons ( +€115.00 )
Oliver Rods ( +€550.00 )
Wiseco 1400HD Pistons ( +€188.00 )
Upgradewünsche bitte bei der Bestellung extra angeben da die automatische Bearbeitung noch nicht funktioniert